Who we are?

We are a Latvian company, one of the service fields of which is to provide customers with exclusive knitted and crocheted clothes and accessories, jewelry, and woven luxury goods.

Our craftswomen, Jana, Ausma, Spodra, Vēsma, Ināra and other skilled professionals, are using their ingenuity and love for work. As a result, artworks that will delight you, bring out individuality, create a unique visual image and light the admiration of those around you -  come to life.

Our mission

To delight people

We are overjoyed to see our customers happy, receiving one of our items.

To create an exclusive product

The quality of the product is important to us, so that the purchased product lasts for a long time and continues to please every day.

To beautify the world

Our product is created by talented craftswomen - designers, so every item is very individual and it will help you to differ from others.


Speaking our handy crafstwomen and designers:


“Since I first took the crochet hook in my hands, I can no longer retreat from it. I'm glad that I’m able to create new and beautiful things every day.”


‘’Nothing brings more joy than a happy customer feedback about a job well done.’’


‘’My job is my hobby.’’


"I can either do it well or not do it at all - I don't have a middle way. That's why I have always made my orders with the best conscience."

Mūsu sadarbības partneri


Pillowcases and sheets of protective fabric will protect from dirt and liquids. Will be a barrier against dust mites.

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